Exvangelical Deconstruction

Andrew, Alastair, and Matt discuss the new trend of Evangelicals prominently deconstructing their faith.

What’s the difference between someone “deconstructing their faith” and plain old apostasy? Are Exvangelicals really leaving Christianity? Andrew, Alastair, and Matt discuss the new trend of Evangelicals prominently deconstructing their faith and what it means for the church and the doctrine of assurance.

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The End of Our Exploring, by Matthew Lee Anderson

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

… and Mike Cosper’s appearance on Mere Fidelity

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Three-Person'd Podcast
The Deconstruction Trend
Is deconstruction just apostasy?
Is it an American thing?
Incentives to Become Exvangelical
The Totalizing Culture of Evangelicalism
Where are they going?
Non-Theological Critique of the Church
Sympathy with Moralistic Therapeutic Deism
Helpful and Unhelpful Responses from the Church
Losing Salvation

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