‘Jordan Peterson, God, & Christianity,’ with Dr. Christopher Kaczor

Dr. Christopher Kaczor joins Matt and Alastair to discuss the Jordan B. Peterson phenomenon.

The Jordan Peterson phenomenon is worth looking into. Even Aquinas scholar Dr. Christopher Kaczor is writing about the effect that Jordan Peterson is having. Matt and Alastair join the discussion, bringing a particular emphasis to how Peterson reads Scripture and what Christians can learn from his approach.

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Dr. Christopher Kaczor’s full bio

Dr. Kaczor’s book The Ethics of Abortion, enthusiastically recommended by Matt

Jordan Peterson’s website

Peterson’s TEDx talk

Peterson’s books: 12 Rules for Life and Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life

The Book of the Month is Wonderfully Made: A Protestant Theology of the Body, by Dr. John W. Kleinig. Through his keen sensitivity to Scripture’s witness, Dr. Kleinig explains why bodies matter and addresses issues like shame, chastity, desire, gender dysphoria, and more, by integrating them into the biblical vision of creation.

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