I listen to Mere Fidelity regularly. … There is no better theological podcast.
Tim Keller
Pastor emeritus, Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New York City
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Always fresh, thoughtful, and quirky, Mere Fidelity is my favorite theological podcast. Energized with theological curiosity, the joy of discovery, and cultural analysis, Mere Fidelity manages to be insightful, funny, and entertaining, all at once. It’s like hanging out with “the cool nerds” at the seminary lunch table each week.
J. Todd Billings
Girod Professor of Reformed Theology, Western Theological Seminary, Holland, MI
Mere Fidelity is one of those rare podcasts that manages to be casual and fun, but brilliant, too, with amiable hosts, interesting guests, and timely topics—all rooted in orthodox, vibrant faith.
Karen Swallow Prior
Research Professor of English and Christianity & Culture, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
In a day when much of the Christian conversation is driven by varieties of corporate conformism, Mere Fidelity is a welcome exception. Convivial conversations between intelligent friends who wave no partisan flag, do not agree on everything, and are willing to probe pressing issues with depth and clarity, are few and far between. But that is what you will find here. This podcast is a model of what Christian engagement should be.
Carl Trueman
Professor of Biblical & Religious Studies, Grove City College