The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, with Mike Cosper

Mike Cosper joins Derek, Alastair, and Matt to discuss the story of Mars Hill, the scandal, and what his project hopes to accomplish.

Mike Cosper, Director of Podcasting for Christianity Today, has created a podcast exploring the rise and the fall of Mars Hill church in Seattle. He joins Derek, Alastair, and Matt to discuss the story, the scandal, and what this project hopes to accomplish. What is the danger of celebrity pastors? Why does this keep happening? And how can pastors prevent it from happening to their churches?

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Live Q&A Announcement
Mike Cosper, Real Podcaster
The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill
The Ethics of Revealing Scandal
Pastors with Personas
Retrospective on a Movement
What were the good parts?
Pros and Cons of Big Personalities
Social Media Issues
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