‘The Trinity and the Bible,’ with Scott Swain

Dr. Scott Swain discusses the Trinity in the Bible with the usual cast.

Dr. Scott Swain, President of Reformed Theological Seminary, is the author of The Trinity & the Bible: On Theological Interpretation, recently published by Lexham Press. In this conversation with Derek (making his triumphant return!), Matt, and Alastair, Dr. Swain helps ask and answer some of the big questions about the doctrine of the Trinity: How do we find it in the Bible? Is it really just Greek philosophical categories imported into Christian teaching? Why do we use the terms Father, Son, and Spirit? How do you pronounce ‘prosopological’? And what is the Doctrine of the Trinity good for, anyway?

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Rishmawy Returns
Where is the Trinity in the Bible?
The Hip New Trinitarians
The Swain Trinitarian Oeuvre
Prosopological Exegesis
Social Trinitarian Readings
Bridging Systematic and Biblical Theologies
Why the names “Father, Son, & Spirit?”
Avoiding Extremes
The Mystery that Solves All Mysteries

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