Integralism with Pater Edmund Waldstein

Pater Edmund Waldstein makes his case for Catholic integralism to Matt and Derek.

Nearly every Christian tradition has its own view on Christ & Culture; that is, how the Christian church relates to secular culture and political powers. In this episode, Pater Edmund joins Matt and Derek to discuss the classic Roman Catholic political theology of Integralism.

Resources mentioned:

Article: NON POSSUMUS by Romanus Cessario, O.P. (the story of Mortara) on First Things


Intro + definition of Integralism
What does the subordination of the temporal power to the spiritual power look like?
Would it be wrong, then, for spiritual authorities, like bishops, to wield power (i.e., armies)?
How sin justifies the church’s direct intervention in politics under integralism
Why are other conservative Roman Catholics hesitant about integralism?
Can integralism exist in a classical liberal society?
How is the church supposed to direct the unbaptized?
How does this go from theory to some sort of practice? Must it be done through brute force or is there room for a democratic process?
Nature and Grace, the baptized, what to do with Protestants, other denominations, and whether the Mortara baptism was justified
What ultimately keeps Matt from signing on to something like integralism + Conclusion

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