‘Divine Humility,’ with Dr. Matthew Wilcoxen

Matthew Wilcoxen joins Derek and Alastair to make his case for humility as a divine attribute.

God is all-powerful. God is all-knowing. God is ever-present. But is God humble? Dr. Matthew Wilcoxen joins Derek and Alastair to discuss his recent book, Divine Humility: God’s Morally Perfect Being. Listen in as he traces the theme of a doctrine of divine humility from Augustine to Karl Barth and relays the importance of this long lost attribute of God.

Resources mentioned:

Book: City of God, Augustine

Article: Perichoresis and Projection: Problems with Social Doctrines of the Trinity – Karen Kilby

Book: Systematic Theology: The Doctrine of God, Volume 1 by Katherine Sonderegger


Intro + Wilcoxen’s inspiration behind writing ‘Divine Humility’
What Wilcoxen means when he says God is humble
How can we speak about God using such terms as ‘humility’ while still respecting his eternal being?
Does God need the creation to be characterized by humility?
What goes wrong in Barth’s argument on the humility of God?
Implications on the Eternal Subordination of the Son debate
Why Theology Proper matters when we read the Bible
How humility affects morality
Katherine Sonderegger’s contribution to the doctrine of God’s humility
How can we have a more trinitarian understanding of the humility of God?
How this doctrine affects our worship

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