Crises in Evangelicalism, with Dr. Molly Worthen

Dr. Molly Worthen joins Matt and Derek to talk all things evangelicalism.

Dr. Molly Worthen joins Matt and Derek to talk all things evangelicalism, not the least of which is her book, Apostles of Reason: The Crisis of Authority in American Evangelicalism. As someone outside of the camp of evangelicalism, Dr. Worthen helps bring a new look at the many paradoxes in the evangelical movement.

Resources mentioned:

Are You Alone Wise?: The Search For Certainty In The Early Modern Era (Oxford Studies In Historical Theologyby Susan E. Schreiner


Intro + what was it that made Dr. Worthen want to study evangelicalism?
Dr. Worthen’s case that one has to study all of church history in order to understand evangelicalism
What is the crisis of authority in evangelicalism? 1) How do you develop an authentic relationship with God, 2) How do you mend the rift between faith and reason, 3) How do you act publicly on your faith in an increasingly secularized public square?
What of sola scriptura?
The crises of authority in evangelicalism juxtaposed with more ecclesiastical traditions
Issues of inerrancy in evangelicalism and its difference to sola scriptura + how many are retrieving Natural Law and catholicity
Does the crises of authority in evangelicalism explain why Trump happened? + Conclusion

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