‘Wonderfully Made,’ with Dr. John Kleinig

Dr. John Kleinig joins Matt and Alastair to discuss seeing our bodies as God sees them — as wonderfully (and fearfully) made.

Dr. John Kleinig joins Matt and Alastair to discuss a Biblical approach to a theology of the body. More specifically, they talk about how we can acquire the vision with which God sees our bodies. Some questions that they cover are how ritual trains the body, what the significance of the body is in Protestant theology, and why Jesus’s physical body is so emphasized in the Gospels. Dr. Kleinig’s latest book also focuses on these issues. (There’s also a particularly spectacular +1 that you can hear if you are one of the Merrie Band of Patreon supporters.)

The Book of the Month is Wonderfully Made: A Protestant Theology of the Body, by Dr. John W. Kleinig. Through his keen sensitivity to Scripture’s witness, Dr. Kleinig explains why bodies matter and addresses issues like shame, chastity, desire, gender dysphoria, and more, by integrating them into the biblical vision of creation.

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Book of the Month
Dr. John W. Kleinig
Seeing Our Bodies as God Sees Them
Responding to Pope John Paul II
Beyond Genesis 1–3
Connecting to the New Testament
Jesus’s Physical Body
The Mundane and the Extraordinary
Sinful Flesh & Jesus’s Flesh

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