Bad Church Leadership

Matt, Alastair, and Andrew consider the many different factors present in bad church cultures of leadership.

Many Christians and ex-Christians have experienced severe trauma because of bad, even abusive, church leadership. Using the story of Mark Driscoll as a basis for comparison, Matt, Andrew, and Alastair discuss the causes and outcomes of bad leadership. They compare and contrast the US and UK churches, look at the sociology of trust, and ask how to examine one’s own leadership to avoid becoming abusive.

Links Mentioned:

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill bonus episode on Joshua Harris

Andrew Wilson’s pastorate

Framley Parsonage, by Anthony Trollope

The Book of the Month is Wonderfully Made: A Protestant Theology of the Body, by Dr. John W. Kleinig. Through his keen sensitivity to Scripture’s witness, Dr. Kleinig explains why bodies matter and addresses issues like shame, chastity, desire, gender dysphoria, and more, by integrating them into the biblical vision of creation.

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Book of the Month: Maybe Not as Protestant as You Think
The Trauma of Bad Church Leadership
Andrew Wilson, UK Pastor
Why do we put too much trust in the wrong place?
Not Letting Ourselves Off the Hook
Many Contributing Factors
Ephesians 4: Glorious Mixed Metaphor
Astroturfing the Mega-church
Really Knowing Your Audience
What does good authority look like?

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