‘What Are Christians For?’ with Jake Meador

Jake Meador rejoins the show to discuss life together at the end of the world with Matt, Derek, and Alastair.

For many 21st century Christians in the West it seems that the world is unraveling. There are two questions we must ask: Is this time different than other times? and How can Christians offer hope to a world coming apart? These are the questions that Matt, Alastair, and Derek seek answers for with Jake Meador while discussing Jake’s new book, What Are Christians For? Life Together at the End of the World.

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What Are Christians For? Life Together at the End of the World, by Jake Meador

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The Davenant Institute retrieves the wisdom of classical Protestantism to renew and build up the contemporary church. Through publications, events, and courses they equip laypeople, pastors, scholars, and Christian educators by connecting them with the theological, ethical, and cultural riches of Protestants past. Through their online study program, Davenant Hall, and their residential study center, Davenant House, they are reimagining theological education, providing two affordable graduate-level degree programs in Classical Protestantism.

Spring Term 2022 course registration is now open! These courses include “The Reformation and the Modern World”, “Knowing and Naming the Holy Trinity”, “Discovering J.R.R. Tolkien”, and many more. Registration ends March 25th, and Spring Term courses begin April 11th. Find out more at www.davenanthall.com.

The Book of the Month is the new 2-volume Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary on the Psalms by James M. Hamilton. Dr. Hamilton provides a fresh translation and canonical interpretation of the Psalms. Though commonly read in isolation, the Psalms are best read as a collage that tells a story of God’s faithfulness to his people through his king. Following the introductory Psalms 1–2, Hamilton observes the significance of the Psalter’s intentional macro-structuring and intricate links across neighboring psalms. Hamilton interprets with a literary sensitivity and an eye towards canonical connections. For the month of February 2022, Mere Fidelity listeners will receive a 40% discount on this highly-anticipated volume with the code MEREFIDELITYFEB22.


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Strength for the End of the World

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