The Psalms, with Dr. James Hamilton

Dr. James Hamilton discusses the Psalms with Matt, Derek, and Alastair.

Reading the Psalms individually as we often do, you can miss how they all fit together. Dr. James Hamilton’s new two-volume commentary brings to life the wonder of how intricately the Psalms are linked literarily and structurally. Derek, Alastair, and Matt explore with Dr. Hamilton what the big patterns are, what the superscriptions indicate, and what David was perhaps thinking when he was writing about Christ.

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The Book of the Month is the new 2-volume Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary on the Psalms by James M. Hamilton. Dr. Hamilton provides a fresh translation and canonical interpretation of the Psalms. Though commonly read in isolation, the Psalms are best read as a collage that tells a story of God’s faithfulness to his people through his king. Following the introductory Psalms 1–2, Hamilton observes the significance of the Psalter’s intentional macro-structuring and intricate links across neighboring psalms. Hamilton interprets with a literary sensitivity and an eye towards canonical connections. For the month of February 2022, Mere Fidelity listeners will receive a 40% discount on this highly-anticipated volume with the code MEREFIDELITYFEB22.


Big Books
Reading the Psalms in Sequence
The Central Themes of the Psalms
The Way the Psalms Were Originally Read
Boundaries of the Canon
Did the types of Christ know they were types of Christ?
Turning Our Eyes Toward Christ

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