The Man of Lawlessness

Matt summons Derek and Alastair to help him interpret the mystery of the man of lawlessness.

When you come across a passage of Scripture that just throws you for a loop, whom do you go to for guidance? Matt turns to Alastair and Derek. Let the Mere Fi cast and crew be your Scriptural support group. Today we look at another passage from the Apostle Paul that just doesn’t really sound like what we’d expect. Along the way we encounter the beasts of Revelation, ancient dictators, and fractal Mini-Me’s.

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II Thessalonians 2:1-12

John Kleinig on Mere Fi

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Matt Works Out His Apocalyptic Pauline Issues
The Substance & Symbols of Lawlessness
Don’t Dehistoricize (Beasts of Revelation)
Preview Eschaton
The Restraining
How would you preach it?

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