The Doctrine of Assurance, with J. Todd Billings

Honorary host Todd Billings returns to the show in an attempt to sort out the rest of the guys on the doctrine of assurance.

Friendly disagreements are one of the best things about Mere Fidelity. In a previous episode, the guys were unable to come to a mutual understanding of the nature of apostasy and assurance. So they asked Reformed theologian Dr. J. Todd Billings to return for his fourth appearance on Mere Fi. Can he straighten things out? Can you know that you are saved?

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The Book of the Month for May 2022 is Gerald Bray’s How the Church Fathers Read the Bible, an accessible introduction to help you read Scripture with the early church. With a clear and simple style, Gerald Bray explains the distinctives of early Christian interpretation and shows how the fathers interpreted key Bible passages from Genesis to Revelation. Their unique perspective is summed up in seven principles that can inspire our Bible reading today. With Bray as your guide, you can reclaim the rich insights of the fathers with reverence and discernment.


They read well.
Honorary Cast Member
What is the Doctrine of Assurance?
Thus Saith Westminster
When You Know, You Know
Understanding Apostasy
Un-Elect and Regenerate
Certainty vs. Skepticism
Assurance in Scripture
So where do we stand now?

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