‘Five Things Theologians Wish Biblical Scholars Knew,’ with Dr. Hans Boersma

Dr. Hans Boersma joins Matt and Derek to discuss what he (a theologian) wishes biblical scholars knew.

What’s gone wrong in Biblical theology? We’ve turned the Bible into an object to master, instead of letting it master us. Dr. Hans Boersma’s new book, Five Things Theologians Wish Biblical Scholars Knew, opens this conversation up very well, reminding us the job of the Biblical scholar is not primarily historical. Matt and Derek discuss its ins and outs with Dr. Boersma, and things get a little spicy when the topic of Sola Scriptura comes up.

Links / Resources Mentioned:

Nashotah House

Rev. Dr. Hans Boersma

Five Things Theologians Wish Biblical Scholars Knew

From Plato to Platonism, by Lloyd Gerson

Tom Ward’s Mere Fidelity appearance discussing ‘Divine Ideas’

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In the Absence of Biblical Scholars
Object and Mastery
Five Things Biblical Scholars Wish Theologians Knew
Saving History from the Historians
No Providence, No Scripture
No Plato, No Scripture
Piling on the Thomists
Sola Scripture and Decline
The Bottom Line

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