Evangelical Elites

Matt, Alastair, and Derek discuss the current Twitter/Substacksphere convulsion over "evangelical elites."

A conversation has erupted in Evangelical (Twitter) circles about elites and their willingness to cozy up to worldly powers. But who counts as “elite,” and to which worldly powers are they cozying up? (The answers tend to change depending on who’s doing the accusing!)

Alastair, Matt, and Derek “give the people what they want” and take up this conversation, seeking to pick apart confusing threads and lower the temperature of the argument. Will they succeed or end up disagreeing with each other? (Regular listeners will expect a bit of both.) And although Andrew couldn’t make it this week, we do get the consolation prize of an Andrew impression from Derek.

Resources/Links Mentioned (most of them, anyways):

The Galli Report

Galli on CNN

Rob Bell on Good Morning America

Christopher Lasch

Carl Trueman on First Things

The Nashville Statement

Manhattan Declaration

“Bulverism” by C.S. Lewis

Jesus & John Wayne by Kristen Kobes Du Mez

The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self, by Carl Trueman


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Mark Galli started it.
Alastair comes out in defense of elites!
Who (or what) is an elite?
Sympathy for the Critique
Catholic Envy
Politics and Other Factors
Healthy Self-Criticism
The Vice of Hermeneutical Suspicion
Contexts & Friendships
Cynicism & Good Faith

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