‘Who Is an Evangelical?’ with Dr. Thomas Kidd

Who is an evangelical? Dr. Thomas Kidd joins Matt and Derek to discuss this pertinent question.

Who is an evangelical? Dr. Thomas Kidd joins Matt and Derek to discuss this pertinent question which is also the title to his recent book, Who Is an Evangelical?: The History of a Movement in Crisis. Listen in on why Dr. Kidd does not include activism as an identifiable factor for evangelicals, why it seems that evangelicals are susceptible to politicization, and if being “born again” unmoors evangelicals from historical institutions?


Intro + defining what an evangelical is
Why are we still arguing about who *really* is an evangelical?
Is there something about evangelicalism that enables its members to become susceptible to politicization?
Why Dr. Kidd’s thesis of who is an evangelical does not include activism, politics, and prosperity gospel preachers
Why evangelicals are ethnically diverse and how evangelicalism has handled racial tensions historically and contemporarily
Are certain social issues part and parcel to the broad definition of evangelicalism?
Does the criteria of being “born again” untether a movement from its original institutions?
The future of evangelicalism + Conclusion

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