‘What’s Wrong with Rights?’ with Dr. Nigel Biggar

Dr. Nigel Biggar joins Matt and Alastair to examine the relationship between morality and law.

Is the theory of natural rights really the best way to protect ourselves from tyrannical governments? This is the big question of Dr. Nigel Biggar’s book, What’s Wrong With Rights? Dr. Biggar is Regius Professor of Moral & Pastoral Theology, and Director of the McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics, & Public Life,  University of Oxford. Matt and Alastair push on this argument with Dr. Biggar to examine the relationship between morality and law. Fun connection: Dr. Biggar is (Dr.) Matt Anderson’s Doktorvater!

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Professor Nigel Biggar
Legal Rights vs. Moral Claims
Rights Fundamentalism
Moral Arguments, Not Rights Assertions
Developing the Moral Sense
Are morals enough?
Institutional Models of Rights and Morals
Universality and Absoluteness

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