What is The Gospel™?

The full cast assembles to discuss the latest iteration of the perennial evangelical controversy over the content and shape of The Gospel™.

What exactly is the gospel? Is it merely the message that Jesus is king, or is the forgiveness of sins and justification also constitutive to the gospel? The entire cast and crew are here to discuss the resuscitated debate between Matthew Bates, Scot McKnight and Greg Gilbert as to what the gospel truly is, pointing out strengths and weaknesses and political proclivities on both sides.

Resources mentioned: 

Article: Good News? Are T4G/TGC Leaders Starting To Change Their Gospel? by Matthew Bates

Alastair’s Daily Biblical Reflections


Summary of the debate between Bates, McKnight and Gilbert et al
Is the stated debate really the debate, or is the debate more political?
The conflation of movements and groups in evangelicalism
The errors of an individualized gospel
Biblical theological and systematic connections between the kingship of Christ and justification
The integral and effectual call in the gospel
If either of these sides’ views were preached on a Sunday, would it count as preaching the gospel?
Matt suggests all churches preach from the lectionary and describes why this debate is really a sign of decadence

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