The Rise of the “Nones,” with Dr. Tricia Bruce

Dr. Tricia Bruce discusses the rise of religious disaffiliation with the cast.

Why are more people foregoing religious affiliation in favor of the term “religious nones”? Here to help Matt, Derek, and Alastair wrestle with this subject is Dr. Tricia Bruce. Dr. Bruce is an accomplished sociologist of religion, award-winning author, and an affiliate with the University of Notre Dame. Join the crew as they seek to understand the shifting cultural and religious ground in our current context.

Books by Dr. Bruce:

Faithful Revolution:  How Voice of The Faithful is Changing The ChurchParish and Place: Making Room For Diversity in the American Catholic Church


Introduction + do religious “nones” actually exist?
The demographics of the “nones”
Positive and negative reasons why people are identifying as “nones”
How “nones” approach religious and spiritual topics
Why those identifying as “nones” are more likely to have a religious background
The key factors in the last 20 years explaining this sociological shift
How the new generation is responding to the crisis of trust in places of authority
Leading indicators of further upcoming social shifts and how religious authorities can proactively respond
Differences between Protestant and Roman Catholic responses to these issues, and the difference between mainline and evangelical responses

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