The Bostock Ruling with Tim Schultz

Tim Schultz joins Matt, Derek, and Alastair to discuss the Bostock v. Clayton County ruling and what it means for the conservative Christian world.

Tim Schultz, president of the 1st Amendment Partnership, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to protecting religious freedom for Americans of all faiths, joins Matt, Derek, and Alastair to discuss the Bostock v. Clayton County ruling. The discussion includes an overview of the ruling, the ruling’s implications, the response given by Sen. Josh Hawley, what social conservatives can learn from other religious minorities, and more.

Resources mentioned:

Was It All for This? The Failure of the Conservative Legal Movement


Overview of Bostock v. Clayton County
What Bostock means for religious liberty
Is there an opportunity for co-belligerency between Christians and LGBT people?
What is a more likely read of Bostock, pessimism or optimism?
Will this ruling impact people’s approach to voting?
Matt’s optimism is deflated
Is SCOTUS acting in place of congress?
The Hawley speech
Social conservative’s inability to work with co-belligerents
What should the stance of social conservatives be post-Bostock?

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