Surprised by N.T. Wright

The full crew considers how best to read N.T. Wright and what to make of his impact on Christianity in the English-speaking world.

This week, we take up the subject of… N.T. Wright. Widely regarded as one of the most influential and best New Testament theologians of our day, we consider how best to read him and his impact on Christianity in the English speaking world.

The N.T. Wright Page is the single best place online for more of his work. You might also consider looking at one of his many books (we mentioned a few in the show).

Additionally, this N.T. Wright interview came up, as did Sarah Over the Moon’s dismayed response to it. Consider as well Alastair’s examination of Wright’s views on marriage for more.

Finally, as always, follow DerekAlastair, and Andrew for smart thoughts about theology and the world.

Special thanks to Christopher Hutton editing the audio. 

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