Should We Want to Die at 75?

Derek, Alastair, and Matt discuss Ezekiel J. Emanuel's controversial Atlantic essay.

Should we hope to die at 75? That’s the premise of a long and provocative article at The Atlantic. As Ezekiel Emanuel, its author, writes:

Seventy-five years is all I want to live. I want to celebrate my life while I am still in my prime. My daughters and dear friends will continue to try to convince me that I am wrong and can live a valuable life much longer. And I retain the right to change my mind and offer a vigorous and reasoned defense of living as long as possible. That, after all, would mean still being creative after 75.

What should we make of this? That’s what Derek, Alastair, and Matt discuss on this week’s episode. Give it a listen.

Special thanks to MK Creative Arts for the audio editing.

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