‘Reformed Resurgence,’ with Brad Vermurlen

Matt and Derek discuss the 'Reformed Resurgence' with Dr. Brad Vermurlen, scholar of that movement.

There’s a movement in Evangelicalism you may have heard of: the New Calvinism. Apart from its theological significance, it turns out that this sort of movement is of great interest to sociologists too. Dr. Brad Vermurlen decided to apply the tools of sociology to the Young, Restless, and Reformed, and to see what turned up. His book is Reformed Resurgence: The New Calvinist Movement and the Battle Over American Evangelicalism. He talks about his fascinating results with Matt and Derek, about the Evangelical landscape, the secular landscape, the movement of the Holy Ghost, new models of leadership behavior, and demographic factors that all point to the direction that the New Calvinism is headed.

The book referenced around 21:58 is A Theory of Fields.

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100 Days of Dante
That New Calvinist Movement
A Causal Explanation
Driscoll, Piper, Keller
The Other Evangelical Tribes
Resurging how?
Strategic Action Field Theory
Did it work?
Socio-Economic Class Stratification
Church attendance alone does not a Calvinist make.
Precipitating Causes
A Need for Strong Authority
Whither New Calvinism?

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