Pierced by Love, with Dr. Hans Boersma

Hans Boersma returns to Mere Fidelity to discuss lectio divina with Matt, Derek, and Alastair.

Lectio Divina is a popular form of prayer using the reading of Scripture as a means of encountering God. While its origins are in Christian tradition, Lectio Divina is sometimes associated with a kind of individualistic loose spirituality. Dr. Hans Boersma, however, makes a strong case for its use in the devotional lives of faithful Christians. Alastair, Matt, and Derek probe his case in this episode of Mere Fidelity.

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Pierced By Love: Divine Reading with the Christian Tradition, by Hans Boersma

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The May 2023 Book of the Month is Hans Boersma’s Pierced By Love: Divine Reading with the Christian Tradition. Hans Boersma invites Christians to retrieve lectio divina, the ancient and meditative way of reading the Bible. For the month of May 2023, Mere Fidelity listeners can get 40% off this title with the code MEREFIDELITYMAY23 at https://lexhampress.com/merefidelity.


It’s soo pretty!
Thinking Sacramentally
Meaning in Encounter
The Four Steps of Lectio Divina
Communal vs Private Devotion
Privileged Technology
Quiet Times
Cultural Context
Reading Un-Modernly

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