On Earth as in Heaven, with Dr. Peter Leithart

Peter Leithart returns to the show to discuss his (long) manifesto, On Earth as in Heaven.

When one advocates for good practices that are quite old and abandoned, these things that have been forgotten can seem new and radical. Peter Leithart returns to Mere Fidelity to discuss the vision and principles of the Theopolis Institute, especially as written in his new book, On Earth as in Heaven. The book is large but it reads well as a manifesto of how the church and the Bible are related in liturgy.

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The Future of Protestantism,” by Peter Leithart

The Book of the Month is Peter Leithart’s new volume On Earth as in Heaven: Theopolis Fundamentals. Leithart calls the church to embrace her identity and mission as one shaped by biblical theology and liturgy. The world grows increasingly polarized and politicized, but the church’s commission remains unchanged. Christians carry out Jesus’s mission by being the church. For the month of October 2022, Mere Fidelity listeners will get a 40% discount on their purchase of this volume.


Theopolis Principles
Bible and Church
Wanting More than Liturgical Renewal
Competing Visions
Protestant Catholicity
Practical Steps

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