‘Jesus and the God of Classical Theism,’ with Dr. Steven Duby

Dr. Steven Duby joins Derek and Alastair to discuss how systematic and biblical Christology can inform one another — and even be reconciled.

Does the philosophical knowledge of God known as Classical Theism enrich our reading of Scripture? Or does it get in the way? Derek and Alastair have a conversation with Dr. Steven Duby about the retrieval of Classical Theism and its interaction with good Christology.

Links mentioned:

Lexham Press Book of the Month

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Steven Duby @ Phoenix Seminary

Jesus and the God of Classical Theism: Biblical Christology in Light of the Doctrine of God, by Steven Duby [affiliate link]

Jesus and the God of Israel: God Crucified and Other Studies on the New Testament’s Christology of Divine Identity, by Richard Bauckham [affiliate link]


Classical Theism
Three Critiques
Who's talking about this?
Responsive Retrieval
Obstacles to Clear Readings of Scripture
Christ's Suffering and Impassibility
Two Ways to Know
The Humanity of Jesus
How Classical Theism Can Strengthen Christology

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