Internet Anonymity

Alastair (pro), Matt (anti), and Andrew (some of both) discuss whether anonymity on the Internet can ever be virtuous.

Is it licit for Christians to be anonymous on the internet? What role could anonymity play in evangelism? Should you tell your pastor about your secret accounts? And is Twitter the only problem? Andrew, Alastair, and Matt (n.b., not anonymous) discuss.

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The Mere Orthodoxy essay under discussion: “Speech Without Accountability: Reckoning with Anonymous Christian Trolls,” by Patrick Miller

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(Virtuous) Persuasion
Like a Bear Out of Hibernation
Speech Without Accountability
Pseudonymity & Obscurity
Different Speeches for Different Spaces
Named Trolls
Pastoral Accountability
Give It Up
The Giant Bird in the Room
Detach and Engage

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