Gratitude, with Dr. Kent Dunnington

Dr. Kent Dunnington joins Matt and Alastair to talk about gratitude, ethics, and thank-you cards.

Talk of thankfulness pervades the Scriptures. But how well do we really understand the concept of gratitude. Matt has done some thinking about this recently with a fellow scholar from Biola University, Dr. Kent Dunnington. Along with Alastair, they tackle some tricky questions about gratitude. How should we understand the relationship between the gift and the giver? How important is it to have the emotions of thankfulness? And do you really need to send thank you cards?

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Kent Dunnington

Addiction and Virtue: Beyond the Models of Disease and Choice, by Dr. Kent Dunnington

Humility, Pride, and Christian Virtue Theory, by Dr. Kent Dunnington

Gratitude to God

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