From Jacob to Israel

Derek, Matt, and Alastair enjoy a good old-fashioned Bible study on the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel.

Break out your Bibles and join Alastair, Derek, and Matt for an old-fashioned Bible study of Genesis 32:22-32, the story of Jacob’s name change. Why does Jacob demand the name of the one he wrestles? Why do later scriptures refer back to Jacob as ‘Jacob,’ and not ‘Israel’? What do wrestling and blessing have to do with each other? Listen to Alastair explain all this and more.

Resources mentioned:

Alastair’s series on the Family of Abraham


Intro + Overview of Genesis 32:22-32
Alastair begins his exegesis
What’s in a blessing seems to be what’s in a name
Jacob: Wrestler For God™
The deal with the angel
Victory in the Lord and the "limp" of the elect
Why is Jacob still referred to by his old name in the rest of scripture? + Conclusion

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