‘For Shame,’ with Dr. Gregg TenElshof

The crew welcome Dr. Gregg TenElshof to the show to defend shame and discuss the state of moral psychology.

You may get the impression that shame is always a bad thing. That’s not exactly right. Dr. Gregg TenElshof, author of the new book For Shame: Rediscovering the Virtues of a Maligned Emotion, discusses the nuances of bad shame and good shame with the Mere Fidelity crew. When should we feel shame? For what should we feel shame? How does the body and appearance relate to shame? Listen in! (The +1 on this one is particularly good.)

Links Mentioned:

Gregg TenElshof’s bio

Pointing to the Pasturelands: Reflections on Evangelicalism, Doctrine, & Culture, by J. I. Packer

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I Told Me So: Self-Deception and the Christian Life, by Gregg TenElshof

For Shame: Rediscovering the Virtues of a Maligned Emotion, by Gregg TenElshof

The Book of the Month is Pointing to the Pasturelands, a collection of several decades of J. I. Packer’s contributions to the pages of Christianity Today. This volume includes his editorial columns, longer articles, and brief answers to readers’ theology questions. The book concludes with a profile of Packer from Mark A. Noll. Enjoy timeless insights from a man whose life was devoted to knowing God and making him known. For the months of December 2021 and January 2022, Mere Fidelity listeners will get a 40% discount on their purchase of this volume with the code MEREFIDELITYDEC21 at checkout.


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