Eastertide in the Time of Coronavirus

The cast convenes to discuss how they are navigating Easter celebrations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Matt, Derek, and Alastair discuss how they are celebrating Easter in the time of coronavirus, and how the Eastertide season looks to them in quarantine. Listen in for insights on how to celebrate the victory over death in the midst of suffering and death, how we are theologizing our current events, and how to cultivate joy, fear, and gratitude.


The strangest Easter ever
When does Easter begin and how long does it go? + The interesting similarities of our quarantine with the church calendar as the backdrop of our lives
How we are and are not theologizing our current events with the events of Easter
The practices to take to cultivate joy, fear, and gratitude
Last thoughts (Alastair describes the Song of Solomon as an Easter story) + Conclusion

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