Conservatism, with Dr. Yoram Hazony

Yoram Hazony joins Matt, Derek, and Alastair to discuss his new book, Conservatism: A Rediscovery.

What hath Enlightenment Liberalism wrought? According to Dr. Yoram Hazony, chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation, it has led us to the place we are today, where Neo-Marxism is ascendant and we cannot conceive of a higher good than consent. What’s his alternative? National Conservatism. Listen to this lively conversation with Derek, Alastair, Matt, and Dr. Hazony.

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Dr. Yoram Hazony

Conservatism: A Rediscovery, by Dr. Yoram Hazony


Where did Conservatism go?
We tried that experiment.
Types of Liberalism
What Would Conservatives Do
Received Tradition not Personal Disposition
Universal Law
Whether Technology Changes Culture
But Can It Fix Racism?
Some Hope

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