Christian Politics with Oliver O’Donovan 

Oliver O'Donovan returns to discuss Christian politics with Matt and Derek.

Professor Oliver O’Donovan joins Matt and Derek once more. This time they discuss the relationship of Christian belief and practice to the contemporary political realities of our world. Do we need a new constitution? What’s to be done about the current wars? How can we properly utilize passion and reason in elections? 

Links Mentioned: 

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Oliver O’Donovan faculty bio 

The Desire of the Nations, by Oliver O’Donovan [affiliate link] 

Common Objects of Love, by Oliver O’Donovan [affiliate link] 

The Ways of Judgment, by Oliver O’Donovan [affiliate link] 

Carl Schmitt 

René Girard 

The Book of the Month is HOW SHOULD WE THEN DIE? A Christian Response to Physician-Assisted Death, by Ewan C. Goligher. A physician, Goligher draws from general revelation and Scripture to persuade and equip Christians to oppose physician-assisted death. Proponents of euthanasia presume what it is like to be dead. But for Christians, death is not the end. Christ Jesus has destroyed death and brought life and immortality through the gospel. Through the end of May, Mere Fidelity listeners can get 40% off this title with the code MEREFIDELITYMAY24 at


The O’Donovan Inception
The Role of Scripture in Political Judgment
How do we read Genesis?
Carl Schmitt: Friend-Enemy Polarity
Augustine: Objects of Common Love
Rene Girard: Rivalry
Pro- and Post-Liberalism
New Beginnings
The Role of Reason in Politics
Remember the Rest of the World

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