‘Bavinck: A Critical Biography,’ with Dr. James Eglinton

Dr. James Eglinton makes his Mere Fidelity debut to discuss all things Bavinck with Derek and Alastair (leaving Matt a bemused spectator).

Dr. James Eglinton from the University of Edinburgh joins us to discuss the great theologian Herman Bavinck. Dr. Eglinton just released Bavinck: A Critical Biography. The conversation ranges from a deep exploration of Bavinck’s polymathic tendencies to the very basics of where to begin learning about him.

Mere Fidelity is sponsored by Brazos Fellows, which seeks to prepare women and men for lives of mature Christian discipleship. It serves recent college graduates and others who are considering future work in the academy, the church, or other areas of ministry and service (lay or ordained) and who desire to be formed through theological training, spiritual disciplines, vocational discernment, and life together.

Mere Fidelity interviewed the Director of the Brazos Fellows, Paul Gutacker. Listen to that episode to learn more. Brazos Fellows is accepting applications through March 1st, 2022.

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The Brazos Fellows
Dr. James Eglinton
What’s a Critical Biography?
Bavinck the Polymath
The Secularizing Context
What is Bavinck’s central theological thought?
How can it go wrong?
A Modern Reformed Theologian
The Books to Start With
The Book of the Month

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