Alternatives to Winsomeness? with James Wood

James Wood, author of a pair of recent essays on Christian political engagement, joins Matt, Derek, and Alastair to sort through the kerfuffle.

When James Wood wrote about the drawbacks of certain strategies for Christians to transcend the political divide without compromising evangelism, he didn’t expect it to spark such a contentious discourse. Never afraid of controversy, Matt, Derek, and Alastair dive into the conversation with him, seeking to understand the best way to deal with political disagreements as Christians.

NOTE: Because of the nature of the conversation, this episode mentions our good friend Tim Keller quite frequently. Please pray for Tim and his family in the midst of his ongoing health struggles.

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The Book of the Month is All Thy Lights Combine: Figural Reading in the Anglican Tradition. Figural interpretation has been a trademark of Anglican devotions from the beginning. Anglican readers—including Tyndale, Cranmer, Hooker, and Lewis—have been figural readers of the Bible. Edited by David Ney and Ephraim Radner, the essays in All Thy Lights Combine explore how the Anglican tradition has employed figural interpretation to theological, Christological, and pastoral ends.


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Kuyperian Institutionalism
The Kerfuffle Develops
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Avoiding Constant Culture War
The Word of God and Justice

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